Sully Primary School

Time after Time event at Sully Primary School onTuesday, 16th June, 2015

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Manager

The Goldies from Penarth had been looking forward to this visit for several weeks. Some of them attend the school on a regular basis as volunteer readers. 

The afternoon commenced with a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils entertaining the Goldies with a rendition of four 60s and 70s songs that they had been busy practising. 

The singing continued with the Goldies and children collaborating on a number of popular songs including Abba's 'Dancing Queen' and Susan Maughan's 'Bobby's Girl'. 

A group of younger pupils joined the singing for 15 minutes and enjoyed being a part of the event.

The pupils and Goldies dispersed into groups. The children illustrated the numerous and various applications on their ipads from recording musical items to 'selfies'.

Refreshments were provided for everyone to round off the afternoon. 

The Head teacher thanked the Goldies for their valuable visit.

Emlyn thanked the pupils for their enthusiastic participation.

The school requested another event in the Autumn Term.