St. Martin's Secondary School, Caerphilly

Time after Time - St. Martin's Secondary School, Caerphilly

Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

Mr. Lee Jarvis, The Head teacher and Mrs. Jo Underwood, Assistant Head teacher, welcomed a group of older persons to the school. John Poyner, former pupil and Intergen Co-ordinator with Caerphilly, helped to facilitate the occasion.

The older persons reside at the nearby Ashfield Residential Home. They were joined by a group of pupils who greeted and conversed with them. The Deputy Mayor also attended.

Mr. Jarvis thanked everyone for responding to the invitation and emphasised the value of the school's community links, particularly with the older generation.

Rachel Parry, Programme Leader, led the staff,  pupils and older persons through a selection of 60s and 70s songs. Everyone participated and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The staff and pupils had prepared a feast of sandwiches and cakes. This provided more opportunities for the group to interact and share experiences.

The school and older persons were enthusiatic about meeting again in the near future.