St. Helen's RC Junior School

Time after Time event at St. Helen's RC Junior School, Barry on 19th November, 2015.

Written by Leanne Lirio, a Year 6 pupil

On the 19th of November 2015, St. Helen's Year 6 had a delightful afternoon of singing and painting with the Barry Goldies. Together with Mayor Johnson, they sang songs like "Catch A Falling Star", "Let's Twist Again", "I'm In The Mood For Dancing" and numerous others. After singing and dancing with the Goldies, the children offered some delectable cakes, biscuits and a welcome cup of tea!
Afterwards, Year 6 went to their four art stations and completed different artistic activities such as: Automatic Art; Impressionism Art; Expressionism Art portraits and Mosaics. The children really enjoyed chatting with the Goldies as they painted and stuck bits of paper onto their collages. By the end of the enjoyable session they had a selection of gorgeous pieces of art work by both Year 6 and the Goldies, which are now displayed with pride on their 'Gallery Rebels' board. Thank you Barry Goldies for a wonderful Time After Time experience!