St. Bernadette’s RC Primary School

Time after Time Event at St. Bernadette’s RC Primary School on Thursday, 19th March, 2015.

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Leader.

Mrs. Suzanne Williams, Acting Head teacher, welcomed grandparents and parents to the school. They had been invited to join pupils at the school to witness and participate in a World War 2 Project. The staff and Year 5 and 6 children dressed accordingly in a variety of clothing including military and civilian attire.

The pupils had worked hard on a range of colourful displays depicting aspects of the period, including photographs of family members who had been posted far away from their home environments.

The school hall was alive with memories and illustrations of the war. It was apparent that staff and pupils had worked really hard with their presentations. The video diaries were particularly poignant with pupils having interviewed their respective grandparents to recollect their memories of the major world event.

Mrs. Williams thanked everyone for their attendance and involvement in the afternoon’s activities. There was a special word of gratitude for the pupils and staff for their commendable efforts and for providing a thoroughly enjoyable event.