Lansdowne Primary School

Time after Time event at Lansdowne Primary School on Thursday, 16th April, 2015  

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Leader 

The children at Lansdowne Primary School were joined by a large number of grandparents, older persons in the neighbouring community and the Goldies group from Barry. 

The school welcomed all guests and the proceedings commenced with the pupils singing a selection of their favourite songs. 

This was followed by tho older guests joining the pupils in various songs from the 60s and 70s under the guidance of Rachel Parry, Goldies Cymru Programmne Leader. 

The children and guests enjoyed an interval of refreshments with a range of cakes and drinks. This provided an opportunity for the pupils to converse with their elders.

 There was a special moment when one of the Goldies from Barry was warmly congratulated on her 80th birthday. She was presented with a cake and a rendition of happy birthday in Welsh and English.

The afternoon continued with more singing and dancing. Emlyn Schiavone thanked everyone for their attendance and contribution to the success of the afternoon. 

As the guests departed one of the Goldies from Barry commented :-

"There is nothing like a sing song to bring people together and joy into our lives"

Click below to watch our videos from the event:  

Video 1

Video 2