Lakeside Primary School

Time after Time event - Lakeside Primary School on Thursday, 16th April, 2015

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Leader

The school welcomed the Goldies group from Adamsdown to the event together with some invited grandparents and older persons from the surrounding community.

Emlyn Schiavone introduced the session by thanking the school for hosting the event and making reference to the aspirations of Goldies Cymru. Liz Counsell, Head teacher, summarised the running order of the afternoon and thanked everyone for their participation.

The school orchestra started the proceedings with two items followed by two songs from the choir. One of the teachers is a professionakl singer and ashe gave a wonderful rendition of Myfanwy.

Tea and cakes were served by some of the parents. During this interval the children circulated around tghe older persons and showed them what they were able to do with their ipads.

The event culminated with a lively singing session led by Rachel Parry and incorporating pupils and older folk. The Head teacher thanked everyone for a fabulous afternoon. 

Click HERE to view our video from the event.