Glyngaer Primary School

Time after Time event at Glyngaer Primary School on Wednesday, 13th May, 2015.

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Manager

Mrs. Pearce, Headteacher,  welcomed guests to the school, including older persons from the surrounding community, the Mayor and representatives from the Council.

The afternoon commenced with the guests and a group of Year 6 pupils meeting in a classroom area and being offered refreshments and cakes. This was followed by games of Scrabble involving teams comprising pupils and older persons. 

After friendly but competitive encounters the group moved to the school hall and were joined by a large gathering of pupils. Jackie Court, session leader, was introduced by the Head teacher. Everyone enjoyed a selection of songs from the 60s and 70s. There was a great atmosphere with clapping and dancing.  

The Head teacher thanked everyone for their active participation. There would be further events arranged in due course.

Flyers were circulated to the older persons inviting them to join the monthly Goldies session at Lewis Boys School on the third Wednesday of every month.