Cadoxton Primary School

Time after Time event – Cadoxton Primary School, 19th January, 2016

Report by Emlyn Schiavone, Time after Time Project Manager.

The Barry Goldies were invited to attend an intergenerational activity at Cadoxton Primary School on the afternoon of the 19th January, 2016.

They were joined by a group of Year 6 pupils who were accompanied by Mrs. Rowena Hughes and Mr. Sol Goremano. The pupils and staff had previously attended a Goldies session at Beryl Road, Barry as a preliminary visit.

The session was led by Rachel Parry who introduced the Goldies and pupils to a selection of songs. Everyone warmed to the occasion and the singing soon led to spontaneous dancing.

The Goldies and pupils enjoyed some refreshments which was an opportunity to recover and participate in conversation.

The pupils returned to their lessons and were replaced by a different group of Year 6 pupils. Pupils and Goldies were asked by Rachel to select some songs and there was a continuation of singing and dancing.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. One of the staff mentioned that two of the pupils were particularly shy and it was great to see them engaging and actively participating.

The school has requested another event after Easter. This will take place on Tuesday, 12th April, 2016 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.