World War One Medley Launch

Schools from across Wales are invited to take part in an intergenerational community project supported by the Big Lottery Fund Wales, which launched at the National Museum Cardiff yesterday, May 12.

Schools from across Wales are invited to take part in an intergenerational community project supported by the Big Lottery Fund Wales, which launched at the National Museum Cardiff yesterday, May 12.

 At the launch older people joined together with children from Lakeside Primary School to sing a special ‘World War One’ medley of songs. The medley has been specially arranged by male voice choir leader Alwyn Humphreys who is an enthusiastic supporter of the Goldies CYMRU charity.
Cardiff based Goldies CYMRU started in Wales two years ago. It is part of the Golden-Oldies charity which has Sir Cliff Richard as patron. Goldies founder is Bath-based musician and choir leader Grenville Jones, who attended the launch in Wales.
“After these sessions, we are both all fizzy! I have to go to hospital tomorrow and I am here today to set me up to cope with it!” 
That is what Pat from Caerphilly said about her monthly Goldies CYMRU group. 
Goldies CYMRU founder Grenville Jones added;
“Goldies CYMRU is NOT a choir but do we use the popular memory-evoking sing along songs of the 50s onwards to bring together hundreds of people who do not have many reasons to get out and be with others. By the end of this year we will have over 100 of our daytime singing and activity sessions across South Wales and Southern England.
“I started the charity with just four sessions in 2008 and we are very proud of the way Goldies has grown in a very short time.
“We now have over 25 dedicated session leaders and we recently announced here in Wales, a £149,000 Big Lottery grant under the People and Places programme, over the next three years. This enables us to grow and add many more sessions.”
Goldies CYMRU and Age Cymru joined for the launch under the Gwanwyn Festival banner. Gwanwyn is a month-long festival held across Wales each year celebrating creativity in old age.
At the launch schools across Wales were encouraged to put on commemorative days, and open their doors to their local elderly people and to sing along to the tunes that bought communities together during the First World War at home and in the trenches.
The project illustrates that singing brought the nation together 100 years ago and can still be used for that purpose today.
A new website was also launched it has details of the Time after Time project and how to obtain the World War One medley which is also arranged for community choirs in three part harmony.

IMAGE – Children from Lakeside Primary School Choir and people who attended Goldies CYMRU sessions at the launch yesterday.

Media contacts;

Grenville Jones - Goldies CYMRU founder 0777 828 2934 
Discover Goldies –
Emma Robison at Age CYMRU 02920 471418

The Gwanwyn Festival is a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age.

The aim of the festival is to:
Celebrate the opportunity of older age for renewal, growth and creativity, hence the connotations of new-life in the name ‘Gwanwyn’ meaning ‘springtime’ in the Welsh language; 
Promote the benefits of exploring creativity, developing a critical voice and participating fully in the artistic and cultural life of local communities and Wales as a whole; 
Offer opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts, such as painting, photography, music, drama, storytelling, literature, dance or film during the month of May; 
Highlight existing artistic work and creativity of groups and individuals who are older people themselves or whose work revolves around the concepts of older people and creativity; 
Promote the participation of older people in the arts throughout the year and highlight existing or new opportunities available locally; 

Gwanwyn is a collaborative initiative between key national organisations lead by Age CYMRU, the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government; working closely with local arts groups, active retirement and community groups, public libraries, museums, schools and care centres.  
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